Matthias Quaritsch

Presidential Diamond, Founder Germany


Scent of the world Ltd.,
Agios Theodoros 44,
Kallepia-Paphos 8541


Phone: +49 (0)176 – 310 973 91


Matthias Quaritsch – vocation instead of profession

Changing the world for the better – who wouldn’t want that? After many years in the communications industry, most recently over 10 years as Head of Corporate Communications at Hamburg Airport, Matthias had enough of traditional business.

The question of meaning was waiting for an answer. And the answer came in the form of a small packet of essential oils.

Together with his wife Sabine, Matthias started Dufte Welt GmbH and from then on sold the best essential oils in the world – those of doTERRA. And in network marketing, at that. “doTERRA is Network Marketing for people who don’t really want to do Network Marketing,” says Matthias. Because doTERRA is fundamentally different. First come the people, then the products and then the business. With every bottle of oil you not only improve your own health, but also the lives of many farmers in developing countries, who get a much better perspective in life for themselves and their families.

“After about four years, we are standing on very solid ground and want to help others to achieve the same – to work self-determined, live a free life and be financially independent,” says Matthias. And to make the world a little bit better, step by step.

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